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Vite al Limite, Garrett 275 kg at only 20 years old: an unimaginable development

Vite al Limite, Garrett 275 kg at only 20 years old: an unimaginable development

Vite al Limite, Garrett was only 20 years old, but he already weighed 275 kg: an unimaginable development, never before.

Fit the Limit Jarrett
Garrett di Vite al Limite weighed 275 kg when he was just 20 years old. image source: youtube

During these nine versions of Live to the fullest Not only have we known and appreciated many stories, but we’ve also experienced some truly amazing and unimaginable ups and downs. What we’ll talk about in a bit suits them perfectly. Remember that in our last article, we told you about the story of Robin McKinley? The woman, a former teacher who was forced to live in a wheelchair due to her somewhat overweight, was the undisputed star of the show’s seventh season. With an initial weight of almost 300 kilograms, the woman carefully followed the path of Dr. Nowzaradan. And now it seems to be someone else.

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However, as you may remember, Robin’s journey was by no means unique. In fact, next to her was her nephew. The young man is only twenty years old Jarrett She weighs a whopping 275 kg. It is a very large burden, as we can clearly understand. But what astonished everyone at the time was that young Garrett did not voluntarily participate in the program, but was “chosen”. Let’s find out what happened.

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Garrett a Vite al Limite weighs 275 kg: you would never have guessed it, it’s an amazing development

For several months now, we have been telling you the stories of people suffering from severe obesity, who spontaneously decided to participate in Live to the fullest. that young man garrett, Instead, it’s a somewhat unique story. In fact, the kind Rogers did not appear independently before the Iranian surgeon, but, accompanied by his aunt Robin, was noticed by Dr. Nowzaradan. He literally saved it. He was in his early twenties, in fact. He was very overweight for his young age. It is for this very reason that the bariatric surgeon decided to help him.

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Garrett’s trip to Vite al Limite was really amazing. In fact, in no time at all, the 20-year-old managed to lose 100kg. And not to regain his possession of his life. Even today, as shown by his Facebook channel, the good Rogers is still in great shape. there he is:

Fit the Limit Jarrett
Image source: Instagram

Would you say he changed that way?

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