Vitamin C Day, everything you need to know to take care of yourself

    Vitamin C Day, everything you need to know to take care of yourself

    Vitamin C has often been underestimated, but the introduction of a global day dedicated entirely to its benefits may lead us to reconsider how it works for our bodies.

    During the past 10 years it has been found that a person has decided to expand his knowledge of food, which is why various social studies have allowed us to discover how each family nucleus consists of one or more elements, and more and more attention is being paid to what labels are but also nutritional values For all the foods we want to put on the table.

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    In short, the need arose to know what we eat but also to ensure that our body never lacks the daily nutritional structure it needs.

    What has been said prompted each of us to expand our information network and, accordingly, to find out what it is The benefits derived from each food according to the seasons.

    Vitamin C day

    Just as it happens to other foods such as coffee, carbonara, pizza and even Nutella … recently the foundation derived from Vitamin C day; So, a day dedicated entirely to information about Vitamin C that is really present in every aspect of our daily lives, even for those who have found the perfect way to get it into many products within the beauty box as well as in the field of food.

    In the beginning, one of the most spectacular mistakes ever made was plugging in Vitamin C Exclusively with citrus fruits, then soon find out how this is found in many other foods, among Fruits and vegetablesLike them StrawberryAnd BroccoliAnd tomatoes and spinach, determining all the benefits to our body in terms of energy, skin care and well-being.

    Vitamin C Day – Imprint Recipe

    One of the most famous clich├ęs he represents The role that vitamin C plays in relation to UV rayswhich in collaboration with beta carotene They guarantee not only a good tan, but also the possibility of assigning as many vitamins as possible derived from the sun’s rays and thus improving the condition of our skin, without ever forgetting the necessary protective creams according to the reference pH and the hours they last. that we are exposed to in the sun.

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    What are the benefits of vitamin C?

    As explained earlier, the benefits Vitamin C They can be really numerous, especially if we take into account the fact that this contains some Antioxidant properties It is strong and capable of carrying out skin protection and diffusion processes, which is why it is used to make various cosmetics and facial care serums.

    Vitamin C Day – Imprint Recipe

    Vitamin C also helps Inactivation of free radicals as well as dilution Preventing the formation of wrinkles, is shown to be very effective even with its contrasting effect for skin tone loss. In addition, this vitamin works in the deep layers of the skin through its ability to hide spots and various blemishes, moisturize it and stimulate cell regeneration.

    Another detail that we do not forget is that vitamin C is essential in all diets aimed at losing fat, as it is able to reduce appetite and thus facilitate faster weight loss during the diet.

    A long series of useful actions that can therefore be used in the field of cosmetology and skin care, as well as to take care of your body from the point of view of food.

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