Virtua Fighter NFTs will be created by Yu Suzuki, who is Shenmue’s father

    Virtua Fighter NFTs will be created by Yu Suzuki, who is Shenmue’s father

    New details about the collaboration between Yu Suzukithe landmark developer that birthed classics like Shenmue, OutRun, After Burner, and OAXYS extensionwhich will give life 1000 Virtua Fighter themed NFTsof which Suzuki was co-creator and director.

    The collaboration was revealed in December last year, but now new details have arrived. First of all, from the official press release, it appears that Sega is not directly involved in the project, although it represents one of the validation nodes of the OAXYS blockchain, but has limited itself to giving approval for the creation of NFTs on a small basis. The number of characters from the first chapters of Virtua Fighter.

    “These NFTs will include 11 characters from the first three Virtua Fighter games in Oasys’ creative worlds, resulting in a unique and exciting experience for Virtua Fighter fans old and new,” says the Oasys release, which added that the NFTs “will be the foundation of the Metaverse company’s avatars.”

    It was previously said that the first 1000 Virtua Fighter NFTs will be free to own but later others will be born thanks to this collaboration, although it is not clear if these will always be Virtua Fighter themed.

    For starters, Yu Suzuki was the director of the Virtua Fighter series from its first chapter released in 1993 until 2011, when he left Sega to devote himself entirely to YS NET, his studio.

    “During my time as Sega’s director, I initially developed Virtua Fighter using innovative 3D graphics technology, which was state of the art at the time,” said Suzuki. “Since then the Virtua Fighter series has been loved by many gamers and continues to be supported by many fans to this day.”

    “In my work overseeing the development of the OASYX vision, I am excited to combine innovative technology in the form of a blockchain-based NFT with three games in the Virtua Fighter series to create a form of entertainment for a wide range of enthusiasts.”

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