Home entertainment Video quality of NEP’s live sporting events is guaranteed by Imagine Communications

Video quality of NEP’s live sporting events is guaranteed by Imagine Communications

Video quality of NEP's live sporting events is guaranteed by Imagine Communications

With the continued demand for high-resolution production of live sports, Kneipp UK It has partnered with Imagine Communications to deliver an increased level of quality to its viewers.

Imagine Communication Introduce more devices Selenio™ Network Processor (SNP) a Kneipp UK, UK division of technology partner for many broadcasters around the world. NEP UK has installed SNPs in four of its largest OB trucks, to provide an automated and seamless supply workflow signali 4K e UHD, HD, Standard (SDR) e HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Kneipp UK Provides facilities for the UK’s top sports broadcasters, which offers more and more UHD copetura As an option for subscribers. At the same time, they should Maintain the highest quality HD output Possible to serve most spectators. For paid live sports content for the most popular sports, it is imperative to have a simple and automated workflow to provide multiple exits from OB Van with minimal user intervention.

We adopted the use of a SNP as a high-density signal transduction engine., has announced Chris Cannon, Director of Technical Operations at NEP UK. “Given the limited space for an OB Van, we really appreciate what we can achieve Eight channels UHD conversion Just 1RUThis includes converting the signal format as well as the . format Convert SDR-HDR, and the latter through the integrated conversion pipeline or through local lookup tables specified by the customer. Let’s set and forget about SNPs: they perform well, take up little shelf space, consume less power and provide the full range of HD, UHD, SDR, and HDR outputs we need. “

L ‘SNP It is a software-defined IP and SDI signal processing device. Each rack unit contains four independent processing blocks, each of which can adopt software defined characters. The apps are available on individual licenses, so users can select the exact functionality they need and reconfigure their SNPs according to business needs, making them particularly suitable for outdoor broadcast work. NEP UK has ordered a mix of licenses for signal format conversion including HD, 3G e 4K, as well as converting the dynamic range between S.DR, HLG, PQ e Slog3.

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“SNP is an incredibly scalable platform, with new features that keep adding”, has announced Matthias Eckertand SVP, GM EMEA, and APAC for Imagine Communications. “Because it is so compact and flexible, it is ideal for outdoor broadcast operators like NEP, who need to be able to reconfigure their OB trucks on site, day in and day out, as they move between various sports and entertainment productions. In the long term, Software-based SNP design ensures rapid adoption of future requirements, such as 8K video.

“We have a great partnership with NEP and welcome this further extension of their SNP certification.”

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