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Video of the medical student’s mother quarrel with the professor


This video discusses a medical student from Caserta cruelly filmed by her professor during an exam. The student bursts into tears and her mother interferes, and from here a quarrel begins between her and the professor.

People in social networks are divided. Here is Professor Guido Saracini’s opinion:

Now that we’ve all seen the medical student’s video, after the first reaction (SHOCK) has passed, we can talk about it.
Three things.
1. In the exam, the teacher has the task of judging the preparation of students. It can fail – even many times – and it can pass. He can ask as many questions as he deems appropriate and pose every topic, details or topic in the examination syllabus. But whatever the student answered. I repeat: Whatever he responds. The teacher cannot scream and he cannot fidget because that is not his role. There should be no trace of bitterness in judgment. Humiliation and education are two completely different things.
In my opinion, incompatible.
2. The mother can attend the exam (online) because the exam is public. But he can’t be in the same room – where he might even suggest – and it’s ridiculous for him to intervene that way.
3. No person has the right to take the exam – which is prohibited by regulations of all universities – nor, at least, to broadcast the video, which has greatly exacerbated the state of prostration of the girl.
Dear children, do not register and do not disclose: Respect yourself, your university and others.

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