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Video games Idaho has become a video game paradise

Video games Idaho has become a video game paradise

This time we’re talking about video games, nostalgia, and small American cities. Of those we are accustomed to seeing in TV series and movies. Main street with shops, the park, and high school with fans, psychics, and The dinner where a lady (her name is Doris, we’re almost sure) has the name tag and the apron We need coffee while we wait for the pancakes.

The small town version of the American Dream leads us to this Burley, in southern Idaho. Just over ten thousand residents, a post office operating since 1905, harsh winters and hot, dry summers. Quiet place, aside from the strong winds that sometimes decide to come out and cause some confusion. But they’re not the only ones to move things, because about a month ago, in Burley, it opened Great games room, which is called Arcadia And you can guess the reason. As the United States slowly begins to search for normality after the Coronavirus, it is good to know that it’s not just big cities that are investing in a desire to have fun and stay together.

Arcadia games room pinball game machines

© Arcadia Burley on Facebook

Alex E Riley Mortensen, The owners, are respectively the son and daughter-in-law of the owners The haunted Palace of Albion, One of the most popular “haunted” attractions in the northwest. So they are not uninformed about issues related to entertainment and their choice is to allocate the space mostly to the process of nostalgia with video games. The complex also provides rooms designed to organize private parties and there are also more modern games, but what distinguishes it is more than 40 lockers with the most famous titles of Asteroids a headmaster, Passing through Mortal Kombat e Time burger.

Kids are definitely very happy, but according to Alex Mortensen, they are Fifties to be fascinatedWithin reach is a place to relive one’s childhood in video games.

Hence you definitely couldn’t miss a food note: The games room now offers frozen yogurt from Kiwi Loco Series (Go and see the list And you’ll understand that this is not a healthy hit.) But the food division is still in progress – also because the owners have had to deal with some annoying local vandalism – and we’re sure it’s among the sausages, hamburgers, hot wings and more delicatessen Arcadia will soon be a place it appears From a dream of pop. Or from a health worker’s worst nightmare

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