Home Tech “Video ends badly”: The sugar glider is furious and hits the boy

“Video ends badly”: The sugar glider is furious and hits the boy

“Video ends badly”: The sugar glider is furious and hits the boy

This seemingly cute video had a very downside, a sugar glider was thrown at the boy’s face.

Looks like a video like so many others, cute pet He was funny and kind too, but while the boy was having fun, he certainly didn’t like it, so much so that he threw himself on his face, trying to hit him hard.

Petoro attacks the boy and punches him in the face / TikTok photo @ animalbreedingcatana (velvetpets.it)

Real aggression from pets who then try To escape from his grasp by taking refuge in the cageMaybe before they are forced back.

The sugar glider attacks the boy, and the video ends badly

when choosing animals, Apparently she is sweet and kindA careful assessment needs to be done, first inquiring about the breed and then the kind of care it needs and then looking at the situation in general, especially if there are young children in the home. In fact, a common risk is taking an animal that is not suitable for home life.

Petoro gets aggressive like never before / Photo TikTok (velvetpets.it)

Some breeds, albeit gentle, They can become very aggressive and even violent. This can be a risk because even if they are small in size they are still not very “tolerant” and this can lead to very important eye or skin risks. We tend to underestimate this aspect and then have a bad turn when an animal becomes part of domestic life.

the Sugar glider, the cute little animal Pictured is a marsupial and famous because it can make incredible jumps and then slide. So it doesn’t fly but it seems to be running as well as it can.

These animals have a patagium, a membrane between their limbs that makes them resistant to jumping. This is an animal that lives in the forests, so it is very unaccustomed to it home life, Even if they are found today from breeding.

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However, the flying squirrel can be aggressive Its weight is only 140 grams And even if it is small, the moment when it lunges at the face and scratches it is not pleasant at all. Not being animals accustomed to domestic life, they do not always like to be taken and treated like cats and can even be brought in some diseases.

Therefore, they must always be bought with great care, he needs a lot of space in the house, otherwise his mental health will suffer and he risks stress and aggression.

@tweet ♬ original sound – 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗘𝗗𝗜𝗡𝗚

Being animals that are used to jumping everywhere, They cannot be put in a small cage just because they are small. They also have a good 10-year life expectancy, so this should be assessed before making a long-term commitment.

So if you’re thinking of a sweet sugar glider, watch the video above to learn gestures you should never do if you don’t want to get attacked.

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