Victoria Beckham says no to the Spice Girls reunion

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    Countless fans around the world will have to put their hearts to rest. Victoria Beckham will not participate in the reunion sexy girls Planned with the release ofalbumSpaceworld 25‘, a new release to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their second studio album released in 1997 by the most brilliant, creative and lightning-fast quintet of modern pop music. This was confirmed by certainly ex-Posh Spice during an interview with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live”, a very popular Late Show in the United States.

    Mel C’s efforts.

    The news, in fact far from unexpected, is made significant by recent efforts to reunite the five singers. At the beginning of the month, it was no coincidence that Sporty Spice Melanie C announced that she was in the business of organizing a full reunion of the Queens girl power.

    Spice Girls Album Spiceworld 25 Life & People MagazineThis was reinforced by another statement, this time Emma Bunton, who had hoped for Victoria’s participation in the event of an invitation to (potentially) the Glastonbury Festival, the most important live festival in the UK and Europe in general. But Beckham’s negative response officially came from the microphone of Cohen’s Late Show:

    “I really had a lot of fun with sexy girls – said the entrepreneur – but I think now, with all the commitments I have: fashion, my own beauty line, four kids, I can’t commit to this.

    A statement that threw the band’s fans into despondency, excited to see their favorites on stage for another time.

    Spice Girls Album Spiceworld 25 Life & People Magazine

    Spaceworld 25

    Regardless of Victoria Beckham’s decision, Mel B, Mel C, Emma and Jerry’s intention is anyway to spend 2023 around the world, and a show proposal focused precisely on “Spaceworld 25“, album The festivity to be released on November 4, in addition to the original album of “SpiceWorld” (a project that in 1997 collected a torrent of platinum in every corner of the world), a re-release with an additional track, b-plus some unreleased live tracks recorded live during The North American tour conducted between 1997 and 1999 extracted from the archives of Virgin Records Delicious. Among the most awaited songs stand out the demo version of “Step to me”, a surround remix of the song “Viva Forever” as well as a huge mix of all the classics. spices Titled “Spice Girls Party Mix”. In short, a great feast girl power For fans hungry for British souvenirs.

    Beckham’s rejection of the Spice Girls, for more than ten years without a full lineup on stage, Spiceworld 25 album won’t make a difference

    Therefore, it has now been more than ten years since that sexy girls They did not appear on stage in their original lineup. Their last run together dates back to 2007-2008. However, in 2012, one of the most famous post-breakup appearances was chronicled, that dazzling performance at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, as the five charmed over a billion people translating “Wannabe” and “Spice your life,” the two major hits.

    Spice Girls Album Spiceworld 25 Life & People MagazineA bygone moment in entertainment history is also justified by numbers: to date the performance counts twenty-four million views on YouTube as well as another fifteen million unofficial channels. Just four years ago, the British planned and then toured the UK’s finest stadiums, crashing the box office and recording all the dates sold out in a matter of minutes with a live broadcast much appreciated by both nostalgia. and critics. But already in this production, Diva Posh Spice was not there, she was engaged in other things and always at the forefront from the point of view of entrepreneurship. What can I say except one dry and tempting one: Think again, Victoria!

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