Home Economy Vaccines for more than 70, complaints: “slanted platform.” Zone denies

Vaccines for more than 70, complaints: “slanted platform.” Zone denies

  Vaccines for more than 70, complaints:

The vaccination campaign is open to all Sardinians aged seventy and over, and the first protests are already raining down.

The dedicated platform, Vacinocovid.sardegnasalute.it, does not work: “We enter our tax code and it tells us that it does not exist,” complains about who is entitled.

It is the usual practice for advertisements. They affirm, “We will leave today,” but the truth is different, because at least today we have not started at all.

The membership campaign was open to those born between 1947 and 1951, and those who were able to register on the platform will then be contacted with a text message stating the location and time of vaccination.

Citizens exempt from the ticket due to illness or from the “fragile patients” category will not be required to register on the platform and will be contacted directly by the ATS.

A misunderstanding on the platform can convince the region to use Poste, as it already happens in different regions of Italy and as recommended to the Sardinian authorities by General Francesco Paolo Vigliolo during his visit to the island.

The refusal – but the district denies with a note from the Ministry of Health: “The portal works perfectly, if more than 70 years old cannot register, there may be three reasons: the health card expires, the age does not fall into the scope that was presented today – those Who were born between 1947 and 1951 – or who are exempt from a pathology ticket. ”

“The server never made any problems – he told the council advisor – neither today nor in the previous days. This is evidenced by the fact that as of March 31 at 3 PM, 16,008 people over 70 were registered.”

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40 miles Dose paste – Chancellor Mario Nido said more than 40,000 doses of Pfizer were delivered today. The amount corresponds to 2.7% of the 1.5 million doses – as announced by the commissioner structure under General Vigliolo – will reach the regions by tomorrow. This is the largest batch of medicine since the start of the campaign and will be used in particular to vaccinate the most vulnerable. Then approximately two hundred thousand doses of Johnson & Johnson should be delivered from April 19 through June.

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