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Users say goodbye for two reasons

WhatsApp motivi crollo

A new meltdown hits WhatsApp, in crisis for two main reasons. Let’s see why the app lost another user again.

Causes of the collapse of WhatsApp
Users are ready to leave the app again (via screenshot)

In these weeks The WhatsApp He tried to rise from the moment of the crisis, adding new jobs, but the collapse may come for two reasons. In fact, there’s only two months left to activate New Terms of Service, Which states Share data with Facebook. Update It will be mandatory Without it, the app will not work anymore. This would have prompted users to choose competitors.

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While the The second reason It is also one of the old WhatsApp issues that are difficult for developers to avoid. In fact the app was unfortunately overridden by Tricks, Which often makes fun of more gullible users. In recent weeks we have seen the arrival of an alleged scam Adidas is good. A novelty invented by fraudsters misled many users. But we usually see how this deception sees heroes Discount coupons from large multinational companies. So let’s see how the app tries to restore users.

WhatsApp, the reasons for the crash are clear: the app is trying to recover users

WhatsApp news changes
Everything is ready for important news on the messaging app (via screenshot)

WhatsApp is ready to intervene in the event of a decrease in the number of users, as it offers many functions that interest users. In the past few days, in fact, we’ve seen that the developers are ready to offer Speed ​​Double Messages, Which will simplify the connection, Avoid the acoustic kilometer problem. A job that did not create a little enthusiasm, as users were waiting for news from the developers.

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However, at the moment there is no official status and the functionality has not even launched in the initial version of the app. A novelty that draws its power from a competitor, cable, Which already contains “2xTo double the speed of sound. Plus, just like the competition, you can do so at any time Return to the original speed of sound. So we’ll see if WhatsApp launches the functionality in the coming months at least in the beta version of the app.

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