Home World US military airdrops emergency humanitarian aid into Gaza

US military airdrops emergency humanitarian aid into Gaza

US military airdrops emergency humanitarian aid into Gaza

President Joe Biden has authorized emergency humanitarian assistance for Gaza following a deadly encounter between Israeli troops and Palestinians that left over 100 people dead. In response, three US military C-130 cargo planes dropped 66 bundles containing 38,000 meals into Gaza.

The airdrop was a joint effort with the Royal Jordanian Air Force, who also conducted airdrops in northern Gaza. President Biden took to social media to express the need for more aid for Gaza and stated that the US plans to continue airdrops in the future. This decision comes after a Thursday attack where at least 115 Palestinians were killed while trying to access aid.

The C-130 cargo planes were chosen for their ability to land in remote areas and airlift up to 42,000 pounds of cargo. Airmen secure the bundles onto pallets with netting and release them with a parachute in the intended delivery zone. This method was used because Israel has restricted the entry of supplies into Gaza, leading to a dire humanitarian situation where one-quarter of the population faces starvation.

While airdrops are considered a measure of last resort due to inefficiencies in distributing aid, the dire situation in Gaza has led to the necessity of this emergency assistance. The international community is closely monitoring the situation, with hopes that the aid drops will provide some relief to those suffering in Gaza. Stay tuned for more updates from ‘The News Teller’.

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