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Urgent alert from the Ministry of Health | Immediate call

  Urgent alert from the Ministry of Health |  Immediate call

A circular issued by the Ministry of Health announced the presence of contaminated food potentially harmful to health.

Ministry of Health food withdrawal
The Ministry of Food Health retrieves images from the web

important contact It comes from the Ministry of Health. The notification in question relates to a case The food summons was issued urgently Which relates to the presence of tuna prone to an important problem.

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Consumers’ health is at risk, because some thawed yellowfin tuna fillets contain chemical hazards inside. The brand in question is Ittica Zu Pietro.

In the notification of the Ministry of Health, the wording of the chemical hazard was reported. This nutrient is marketed in vacuum packages with a fixed weight. To get acquainted with it, you can refer to the following pointers.

  • batch number 2008217/21;
  • expiration date or minimum shelf life 07/06/2021;

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Ministry of Health, information for customers about contaminated product

Ittica Zu Pietro Srl produced this fish food at its factory in Bisceglie, a Polynesian city located in the Barletta-Andria-Trani Province. The identification mark is as follows: IT 2830 CE. The exact reason for the summons can be found In the presence of allergens.

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All consumers who eventually have this product at home are asked not to consume it. As directed by the Ministry of Health, it must be returned to the reference supermarket or grocery store where it was previously purchased.

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By doing so, you are entitled to a refund of the amount spent. In such cases indicating cases of potential danger to the health of buyers, the presence of a receipt is not necessary.

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