Update Whatsapp now – there is a new interface available for you

    Update Whatsapp now – there is a new interface available for you

    The news brought by the new WhatsApp update: the innovative user interface is available.

    WhatsApp It is still for many the point of reference in instant messaging, and as such, the app continues to update itself to ensure the best possible service for all users. For years now, developers have been making changes to try and make the experience on the app truly amazing.

    App news with the expected new update: Developers please users – Grantennistoscana.it

    In recent months, a possibility Unite your groups under the community heading; Then there were numerous rumors about other possible additions, for example, the possibility of making direct in-app purchases (through a special catalog) or new features for video calls, tracking what appears on Zoom and other devices for group communications and more.

    Waiting to know the news that awaits users of the application with a green phone icon in the near future, a new update has arrived that allows you use a specific interface. ha you seen her? Here are all the details about it.

    The new WhatsApp interface brought by the update: here is the news

    As reported by various sites (including tomshw.it) this new site Application version many new features to the interface. For some time now, users have been asking developers to step in in this regard, given how the interface is judged to be “outdated”. In response to users’ needs, WhatsApp developers are making the app easier to navigate with this update, bringing to Android Something very similar to what we’re seeing now in the iOS devices app.

    According to what has been leaked, the new Android interface will be similar to that of the iOS one – implennistoscana.it

    new bar It will make navigation easier for Android users, especially for those who own a very large screen phone. The change was made out of the practicality that Android users have been loudly asking for, but also to unify the characteristics of the application, trying as much as possible to reduce the differences between different platforms.

    At the moment there is no information about the official launch of this new interface, but what has been reported shows how the development team is working We really work hard to fulfill requests From the community, in an effort to make users’ WhatsApp experience as pleasant as possible. Year after year, the application continues to surprise, aiming to maintain its leadership in the sector.

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