Update 3.000.001 introduces new modes and more – Nerd4.life

    Update 3.000.001 introduces new modes and more - Nerd4.life

    Housemarque published the new update for back. Let’s talk aboutUpdate 3000.001 He is responsible for introducing two new modes and also a series of minor changes within the PS5 exclusive.

    there Back to the official patch notes Update 3000.001 reports the following news:

    • Collaboration: Join forces with Selene again
    • Sisyphus Tower: Infinite mode, where Selene climbs the tower to solve its puzzles and the player must strive to achieve the maximum score
    • Bug fixes and quality of life improvements

    This rollback update is nothing new and the developers have already anticipated the modalities that were introduced last week. there cooperative It allows you to play with a second player online. Progress will have value only for the host player, but the assistant will be able to take logbooks and xenoglyphs collected with him. Also, help the players to raise your ranking. The difficulty of the game, in the fold, is balanced so that the game does not become too easy.

    Celine, the protagonist of Returnal
    Celine, the protagonist of Returnal

    there Sisyphus’ tower It also introduces new levels, new special weapons and a new boss, Algos, to Returnal. It also continues the story of Celine as she tries to escape from the planet.

    You can watch the return news trailer introduced today with update 3.000.001 here.

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