Home Economy Up to €100 for scrapping and buying TVs

Up to €100 for scrapping and buying TVs

Up to €100 for scrapping and buying TVs

The TV bonus will start from August 23, which can be accessed by canceling an old device and purchasing a new TV compatible with the transmission standards for the new Digital Earth. Let’s see who can access the bonus, how much it is and how to get it by uninstalling old devices.

the TV Cancellation Bonus: From August 23 It will be possible to request a reward for the purchase of TVs compatible with the new technology transfer standards of DTT Dvbt-2 / Hevc Main 10. This was reported by Mise, after the decree was signed by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgelli: the ruling was published in the Official Gazette. Also contains an incentive order form: it must be delivered to the retailer or to a licensed eco-island. with the Bonus 20% off When buying, a maximum of €100 if an old TV is canceled: there are no ISEE limits and the incentive can be combined with Previous bonus for buying new TVs.

Who can access the TV Cancellation Bonus

All citizens can access TV bonus: There are no limits regarding ISEE and income. Each person is entitled to only one bonus, which is combined with the tax code of the user. To receive the bonus, you must be based in Italy, keep up to date with the Rai fee and must cancel a TV that was purchased before December 22, 2018 and therefore not compatible with the new streaming standards. In addition, to gain access, the new TV must be included in a fileList published by the Ministry of Economic Development. Each user is entitled to only one reward, and therefore equal to one device.

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Bonus TV, as long as it is valid and how to cancel

The bonus is valid until December 31, 2022Provided that the fund previously provided by the government does not run out: 250 million euros have been allocated. The transition to the new digital system has seen a change, with a new schedule for reorganizing frequencies starting on November 15, 2021 and with Different dates for each region. Two different scrapping methods can be used. In the first case Canceled where you buy your new TVBy connecting the old device and get a discount of up to 20% of the cost. In this case, the retailer would have to get rid of the old TV and then get the tax credit back by way of compensation. The second method expects that customer A Dispose of the old device yourself by taking it to the landfill authorized. In this case, a form to certify the scrap will be required and it must also be specified that the owner is up to date with the Rai fee and that the discarded TV does not comply with the new standards.

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