Unreasonable, ways not to pay car tax exist (and they are legal)

    Unreasonable, ways not to pay car tax exist (and they are legal)

    It may seem impossible that there are ways to not pay stamps, but they are not. Most importantly, they are completely legal options.

    Ways not to pay stamp duty
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    The automatic character, as we know, is Most hated tax. There is really no “why”, though we are obligated to pay each year hundreds of eurosEven for non-luxury cars. It is clearly wrong to process the paymentamong other things not paying the character for a long time leads to an increase in Very severe penalties. Therefore, unless you decide to buy a bike or use public transportation, we have to pay the much hated tax. Fortunately, there are ways to “evade” them, or at least pay less. By inquiring a little, even when affiliation areaYou can take full advantage of it.

    Stamp non-payment methods, all options

    First let’s remember that who has 104 Exemption from paying car tax may be requested. Let’s not talk about all disabled people, because Civil disability and 104 are not always certified together. Thus, those who take advantage of the 104 benefits because they are mentally and physically disabled can completely disavowed. That is, it does not matter that the application is submitted every year. But be careful, who has the words on the disability report”The interested party does not have any requirements among those of the art. 4 DL 9 February 2012 n. 5″, no tax credits can be obtained.

    Territorial Provisions

    There are also some Judgments issued by one region It can lead to the breakdown or cancellation of the vehicle tax. Probably not everyone knows that car tax administration is the full responsibility of the regions. To remind us of this, we quote a sentence Constitutional Court n. 122 dated May 20, 2019, which certifies that “ Full and complete car tax estimation. “

    There are some regions that have activated interesting discounts and/or waivers. Let us consider, for example, the region of Lombardy that has implemented these measures in order to “Prefer to buy electric or hydrogen cars. Regional provisions – which may vary – also promote rebates of up to 25% from vehicle tax even when purchasing LPG vehicles.

    but also Who buys new vehicles and picks up the old oneor buy used Euro 5-6 cars, bi-fuel or even hybrids Pay less for 3 years. In short, it is useful to have a look at the site in your area and also at the nearest dealer.

    Historic cars don’t pay stamps

    This option is perhaps the most famous. However, you have to pay attention to “old” cars/motorcycles because Classifications take into account different parameters. More specifically, the historical cars that are exempt from paying the tax are those cars It was built over 30 years ago. If used for events or rallies, the the car owner He still has to pay one A small fee of about 28 EUR. to me MotorcycleOn the other hand, about 11 euro.

    Cars built between 20 and 29 are paying off. Even if it is less. in particular in Budget Law 2019 The following has been specified:For vehicles with an expected registration date between 20 and 29 years old In the presence of the historical certificate recorded on the registration certificate, reduction in payment 50% tax on the car. For vehicles over twenty years old and lacking a historical certificate, but with the presence of ASI or FMI certified discount 10% tax.

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