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UnoMattina, the brawl that made history: ‘Let’s all calm down’


Do you remember that historic dispute in Unomatina? The guest leaves the direct link, and then the whole thing continues on Twitter.

One morning

It doesn’t happen as often as it usually does on a quiet schedule opinion Like this, there is a furious quarrel involving not only the guests in the studio, but also and above all the conductor who is usually very calm and still is.

Do you remember the announcement of the historic dispute One morning? It all happened in 2015 when they were at the helm of the Rai Uno container program they were still running Franco Di Mare and Francesca Vialdini.

In that episode in question, which has survived in history, among the many calls from home, there was also the Liberian journalist Filippo Fassi Which, at one point, had an intense quarrel with two conductors.

All this happened because, as far as Milan is concerned, Francesca interrupted after about a minute of intervention Vialdeni. The well-known journalist and columnist did not accept the matter at all, on the contrary, he added to his speech that whoever interrupted him was asked not to repeat it.

In support of the colleague Franco de Mare, who has much more experience and expertise, he introduced himself, who responded with calmness and relief, adding that One morning A TV broadcast should respect times, it is perfectly normal, now and then, to interrupt the “rant.”

Franco di Marie used this very word that Filippo Vassi did not like, and who, in an angry tone, wanted to emphasize this word, and then added that his speech was over.

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Unomatina, quarrel Franco di Marie and Filippo Fassi: “With me you fall hard”

After this quarrel between Franco Di Mare and Filippo Facci, with a tendency that could not avoid showing the abandonment of the direct link by the latter, it immediately spread on social media and attracted the attention of many other people who did their best to comment on the story.

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The conductor himself wanted to clarify his position and what he did not like with some controversial tweets.

In short, a brawl that did not subside even outside Rai Uno’s studio.

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