Unity ‘enemies’ demo with 4K resolution and real-time ray tracing – Nerd4.life

    Unity 'enemies' demo with 4K resolution and real-time ray tracing - Nerd4.life

    During the last keyword assigned to the engine lonlinessthe developers showed again Technical show “enemies”which was already amazing on PC, making it work on Xbox Xbox Xwith the console, Microsoft has done very well 4K and with real-time ray tracing.

    In the visible panel within the tweet below, part of the full presentation you can find at this title, we can see the technical demo of Enemies running on Xbox Series X, with the console clearly visible and up and running. Graphics quality remains really impressive, with 4K resolution and real-time ray tracing and lights and shadows management.

    Everything is obtained by exploiting DirectX 12 On Unity, with the demo running live on Xbox Series X, so it’s clearly compiled for Microsoft’s console. This is not the first time we have seen the demo in question, as the first video was already shown last March on PC, but it remains a truly impressive technology demonstration, which demonstrates well the capabilities of the Unity Engine on new generation platforms.

    In particular, the modeling of the woman in the video is amazing and utterly realistic, both for the level of detail that characterizes the face, for visible body parts, and for truly avant-garde facial movements. Implementation of DirectX 12 on Unity should also allow for Xbox Series X, according to the company, significant progress in using ray tracing on the console, as well as better performance overall and especially for software that is heavier on the CPU interface .

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