United States: unilateral trumpets in protest

    United States: unilateral trumpets in protest

    da Washington DC

    This time, the US Capitol Police wanted to prove that they could be prepared. He erected a double fence around the Capitol building in Washington, DC He brought a row of police on bikes and another on riot unit bikes and made sure the National Guard was ready to respond quickly if needed.. All he didn’t do on January 6, when crowds of Trump stormed the Capitol. But this time the process was exaggerated: Only a few hundred people attended the demonstration, which was called to protest the arrest of those involved in the January rebellion.

    “Justice for 6e,” baptized the organizers, convinced that those still imprisoned, without bail, for last January’s attack suffer from “political persecution.” but Saturday’s meeting was only a shadow of other initiatives that also proposed to be rewritten What happened that day.

    low turnout

    It was designed by Look Ahead America, an organization led by a former consultant to Donald TrumpIt is expected that the demonstration will receive about 750 followers, according to the request submitted to the mayor of the American capital. In fact Capitol Police The number of people in the designated protest area is estimated to be a maximum of 450 people, a number that includes media teams.

    indifferent to the low turnout, Matt BrainardThe leader of the organized organization, he spoke from a pulpit and expressed his opinion on the various cases of the January 6 protesters who are still in prison. When viewing a file image Shaman’s LawNS Far-right conspiracy theory in which a little Trumpism thrivesBrainard said sarcastically that the man was simply accused of “wearing awful clothes”. “No matter what he did that day,” he said, “he does not deserve nine months of solitary confinement without penalty.”

    “fair treatment”

    The demonstrators, who were carrying flags of the North American country, tried to report the presence of “American protesters illegally imprisoned” as part of the investigation into the events of January 6, according to one of the posters they carried. On that day, a crowd of Trump supporters headed to the Capitol, where he won Joe Biden in the presidential election.

    For those who demand “fair treatment” and justice for “legal procedures”, the January 6 protesters are “patriots” exercising their right to speak only publicly. “Now they enter a place without permission they call a rebellion.”Said one of the posters at the Saturday rally. who – whichThe story Trump tells himself.

    Ashley Babbitt

    Demonstrators at the demonstration sang the national anthem and chanted the name Ashley Babbitt, the woman who was killed by a policeman during the mutiny. After Brainard’s words, they left the area in small groups.

    This was not the first protest to support inmates entering the Capitol in January. Two months ago, a similar demonstration gathered in front of the Justice Department and saw the participation of figures such as the Republican Representative. Marjorie Taylor GreenTrampestas and Code Followers.

    But this time, theories and paranoia affected the march itself: like far-right groups proud guys, who were in Washington on January 6, this time discouraged their followers and asked them not to attend. For them, it was just a demonstration government trap To identify those who attacked the Capitol.

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