United States: near plane crash

    United States: near plane crash

    The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has opened an investigation into a near-miss crash involving two planes at Boston Logan Airport on Monday. The two planes involved in the “close call” arrived 172 meters away from the collision, according to what emerges from the tracks recorded by the specialized “Flight Radar 24” website.

    Here are the facts according to the first reconstructions: The pilot of a Learjet 60 had received orders from the control tower to await approval to take off on runway 9. Meanwhile, the pilot of one of the Embraer 190s of the US airline JetBlue was landing on runway 4 right which It intersects with No. 9. Suddenly, the Learjet begins to take off, crossing the path of the two planes. The events occurred at 19:00 local time.

    “According to a preliminary review, a Learjet 60 pilot took off without authorization as JetBlue Flight 206 was preparing to land on an intersecting runway.” “The Learjet pilot obviously re-read the instructions, but then proceeded to take off.” At that point, the FAA said in a statement, “JetBlue’s pilot took evasive action” to raise the nose of the aircraft “while the Learjet crossed the intersection” of the two runways.

    Below, the video. The images show a graphical reconstruction of the moment a LaserJet pilot begins the takeoff phase, without first receiving the go-ahead from the control tower. So, the plane crosses the runway where the JetBle was landing, which fortunately does not cross the fixed-wing aircraft.

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