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“United is the best choice”


Manchester, United Kingdom) – “I’m so happy to be home again after 12 years and can’t wait to play the first gameto the microphones of the club’s official channels, Cristiano Ronaldo comments on Juventus’ farewell and return to Manchester United 12 years later:It’s the best decision I could have made. I moved from Juventus to Manchester, it’s a new chapter in my life and I’m very happy with it, I want to make history Helping the team win more titles. Ferguson? As everyone knows, it was very important when I signed my first contract with Manchester. He’s like a father to me, he taught me a lot of things, we always kept in touch and he was instrumental in my coming back here as well.“.

Cristiano Ronaldo: I have an excellent relationship with Solskjaer

I spoke for a while son of SolskjaerBut there will be time for a face-to-face discussion. I’ve been playing with him for 2-3 years and We have a great relationship. Sure, he’s in a different role now, but he can count on me for anything. fans? They are key to football, they are finally back on the field and things have changed compared to last year. United fans are special and I remember them well… I know they keep singing my name, from my point of view I want to give my best, score, help send, win titles and hope to see them very soon.“.

Ronaldo at Manchester United: Here are the numbers

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Ronaldo at Manchester United: Here are the numbers

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