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Unboxing – Sentimental E-Commerce

Unboxing - Sentimental E-Commerce

If you use an emptied Fridge app to receive a dish suggestion based on the ingredients we’ve left out, it can help, if downloading a spaghetti scale that expands depending on how many we are at dinner can provide carbs and if you finally put the tablet together with the lace making recipe it can get us out of the way In preparing them, because – fortunately – there are millions and millions of views Unboxing video?

These are the videos that famous men do not make on Youtube Comment on opening the package just received online. Them and not from us. It is such a significant phenomenon that it has spawned TV shows (“Extreme Unboxing”) and variety about the topic (“Kids unboxing”). After all, you’ll say, on Twitch, you see others comment on a video game they’re playing, not us, and so you can calmly conclude, echoing Hamlet, that there are more things about the web than our imaginations can contain.

You’ll say, “What’s new? This is the classic TV remote shopping, from Baffo to Giorgio Mastrota.” Wait a minute: Before you judge the growing phenomenon of direct shopping, let’s think about it.

Just as you shop not only to respond to a need, but also to satisfy a desire, There is rational e-commerce and emotional e-commerce. If we have abundant examples of the first model in online stores and marketplaces such as Amazon, then the second type of traditional private sales (Privalia, Saldi Privati, West Wing) is increasingly associated with a phenomenon – currently mainly Asian and American – called ‘Direct shopping’.

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The tech name new and new are the languages ‚Äč‚Äčadopted to drop the classic old telesales paradigm dear within the platforms on which “offers” take place: Taobao (the Chinese eBay site, owned by Alibaba) and Amazon Live, currently only available in the US.

In fact, if remote shopping should expect to change the channel that the speed of the remote control allows and must go straight to the point to encourage viewers to connect, Direct shopping can provide a more knowledgeable approach to entertainment, with guests and tutorial content, thanks to the immediate availability of an item that can be purchased with the movement of the mouse.

In fact, innovation, digital in particular, is never copies of past experiences, but rather comes from the transformation that technology allows: New types of ‘influencers’, Who grew up in Clio Make-up School and an emerging Cynical Beautician, and he’s a bit like a phone sales champ, giving themselves the credit for entertaining us and urging us, in a few clicks, to call the satisfy button. “Buy”.


Alessandrino, the digital expert: This is Andrea Boscaro

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