Unbelievable at Juventus: “Step back and fly to the USA”

    Unbelievable at Juventus: “Step back and fly to the USA”

    Morale lifted at Juventus after beating Inter Milan’s Simon Inzaghi. But there is a football player who does not smile

    Philip’s goal is hotly contested Kostikallowed Juventus To conquer the “Giuseppe Meazza” stadium in Milan and return the Italian derby against himInter by Simon My mood.

    If he terminates the contract, Pogba can go to play in the United States
    Juventus – Calciomercato.it

    Juventus captained off the bench by Massimiliano cheerfulnet controversy surrounding Adrian’s alleged touching of the hand Rabiot and Doosan Vlakhovich In the match before the last goal 1-0, I showed excellent form and managed to contain the Nerazzurri, who were not really dangerous in the second half of the match. Thus, the pursuit Juventus In fourth place, it currently occupies it Milan Stefano Pegsthe latest useful to participate in the next version of Champions League. Pending understanding of what will happen on April 19, when the Coni Guarantee Commission will discuss the appeal by Turin Co. attorneys v penalty Fifteen points for the question capital gains imposed in recent months.

    Despite this, as we said, fourth place is only seven points away: an incredible comeback that came with a series of victories punctuated by defeat by Meydan. Rome by Jose MourinhoBut there is a note that clashes in this happy moment, at least in the field, to Juventus. and related to long-term caregiver Paul Pogba. The French midfielder, who has been absent since last August except for the thirty-five minutes he has played in recent weeks, has again suffered a muscle injury. And cheerful He admitted that he would not be available even after discontinuing CitizensWe’ve been asking the same questions and saying the same things for eight months now. I think It will not be immediately available after stopping, it will take longer“.

    Contract termination and MLS: Pogba’s future

    For months now, there has been talk of one possibility contractual terminationPaul always denied it Pogba with the Juventus. But if the situation continues as it is, it can be discussed concretely.

    Contract termination with Juve and MLS: Pogba's future
    Paul Pogba – Calciomercato.it

    Journalist Luca Momplano also spoke on the subject: “So Pogba solve with Juventus Enters United State, he has some shows already – his words to Top Planet – he often goes there on vacation and is also happy to go there to play. However, I would like to hope his adventure is in Juventus He can still go on.” To remember that the a contract Last summer, he signed the 30-year-old French footballer Expiration the June 30, 2026. We’ll see what happens, the next few months will be crucial.

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