Ukraine, today IAEA report on security in Zaporozhye

    Ukraine, today IAEA report on security in Zaporozhye

    A long journey first by land, then by sea: Ukrainian corn arrived in the port of Catania on the Sds Green, an Italian-flagged ship. On board more than 5 thousand tons of maize, it was initially transported by road through one of the “Grain Export Corridors” to the port of Rijeka in Croatia, and then proceeded to SDS Green. To proceed quickly with the completion of the procedures for unloading and releasing the goods, the Customs Authority formed a team of experts, consisting of customs officials and chemicals, who conducted product control checks, with the aim of verifying the authenticity of the goods. Requirements for marketing, as well as with regard to food safety, with the help of a mobile chemical laboratory. Product compatibility was announced and launched for marketing. “The Sicily Administration of the Excise, Customs and Monopolies Agency, through the activities carried out by our specialized departments, ensures the correctness of controls and guarantees the food safety of the product put up for consumption, and the preservation of the health of consumers,” says the Regional Director. By Admiral Luigi Liberator, he also stressed “the importance of the immediate speed of the control activities carried out for the delivery of the corn batch to the importing company operating in the Catania region”.

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