Ukraine. For the United States, Russia is ready for an all-out invasion. He’s moving tanks

     Ukraine.  For the United States, Russia is ready for an all-out invasion.  He's moving tanks

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    According to the information I have, Putin is transferring additional troops and tanks to the occupied Donbass lands.” Latvian Prime Minister Arturs Krishanis Karić said.

    “By any definition, it is the crossing of a sovereign territory into a neighboring country.”

    Specifically urging him that he was referring to the entry of additional Russian forces since Moscow recognized the breakaway regions earlier this week, Karish replied, “Yes, according to the information I have, that’s exactly what we’re seeing.”

    Two other sources familiar with US intelligence confirmed to CNN that additional Russian troops have in fact crossed the border into the Donbass region since Putin recognized the two regions and ordered the deployment of “peacekeepers” in Donbass on Tuesday.

    According to a senior US official with the latest information, Russia has deployed from one to two groups of so-called battalion groups. The main Russian combat formation, each of which has an average of about 800 soldiers.

    Three sources said that the new US intelligence warning was broadcast in Ukraine on Tuesday morning, local time in Keif. A senior Ukrainian official said Ukraine had not verified the intelligence and noted that the United States had issued similar warnings in the past about attacks that ultimately did not materialize.

    The United States assessed that Russia had completed all preparations for an invasion, A senior US defense official knows the latest information.

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