Ukraine and NATO donate 65 billion weapons: “We will continue”

    Ukraine and NATO donate 65 billion weapons: “We will continue”

    To date, NATO countries have provided Ukraine with 150 billion euros in aid, including 65 billion in military aid. This was confirmed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, at a press conference held in Brussels at the end of the first day of work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The Ukrainian people continue to defend their country with courage and valor. We will continue to support them for as long as necessary.”

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    put it in – “In times like this, friends and allies are more important than ever. Finland now has the strongest friends and allies in the world. President Vladimir Putin wanted to close the door to NATO: today we show the world that it has failed,” Stoltenberg said, in Brussels on the sidelines of the meeting. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, said that this aggression and intimidation is not working. Instead of shrinking NATO, it has achieved the opposite: more NATO. And our door remains firmly open.

    Sweden Today is a great day for Finland to join NATO, but we will make sure that Sweden also becomes a full member of NATO. He remembers that what is missing is the “certification” of all parliaments of the Allied countries for membership and I am confident that “the process will be finished”. I recently spoke with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – he continues – and we agreed to restart the permanent mechanism of meetings “between Sweden and Turkey” to ensure that Stockholm’s accession to the alliance is also ratified.

    “We are in close contact with Ankara, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. I went to Ankara a few weeks ago and that is where we agreed to move forward, to resume the process in what we call the ‘permanent tripartite mechanism’ with Finland, Sweden and other countries. Turkey to follow up on the trilateral memorandum of understanding signed in Madrid. “Now it is important – he stressed – to finalize the accession process, not only for Finland, but also for Sweden. My message was and still is, in my meetings in Ankara as well, that not only Finland, but also Sweden has fulfilled the obligations. Therefore no one should stand Something in the way of final ratification” of Sweden’s membership. “This is a top priority for the Alliance. It is important for me personally: all Allies agree that we should try to terminate Sweden’s membership as soon as possible. So we will continue to work on this and hopefully we will soon have Sweden” in NATO.

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