UK: Supermarkets restrict purchase of discounted products, inflation continues to rise


    A large UK supermarket chain has found itself forced to limit purchases of a range of discounted products.

    Imagine that in the midst of one of the most severe cost-of-living crises in history, one of the largest chains of supermarkets The nation decides to offer a range of deeply discounted products, tailored to cater to the most demanding families. A few months after its release,inflation Which continues to run and fall that promises to be tragic, imagine the same chain deciding to limit the purchase of the products in question – crazy? No, this is already happening United kingdom, Asda, the third supermarket chain, decided to impose a limit on purchases of items belonging to a discounted range.


    We need a short jump in May, when Asda decided to introduce the range “Just Essentials”, Is characterized by the prices Particularly low: As mentioned, the idea was to help British citizens in a historical moment characterized by very strong inflationary currents and low consumption – so much so that in August, the whole range was expanded with the introduction of several other products. It’s unfortunate that now, at the gates of the cold season, Asda has decided instead to impose a limit on purchases, allowing customers to purchase only three units of each product. “To ensure customers get what they need, we are limiting purchases to 3 products per customer for a short period,” the company commented.

    Apparently, in fact, there will be big problems with Stores: We can imagine it, understandably frightened by possible rumors Recession, British citizens made great efforts to fill the pantry with cheap products, effectively destroying supermarkets.

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