UK Sanctions Five Russian Banks, Provides ‘Untouchable Status’ to Putin If He Takes Further Action Against Ukraine 2022: Planet Witch

    Il Regno Unito sanziona cinque banche russe, prevede lo “status di paria” per Putin se intraprenderà ulteriori azioni contro l’Ucraina

    A senior national security official from Biden said, on Tuesday, that the White House will impose more sanctions on Russia in the next few hours, after Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday recognized pro-Moscow territories in Ukraine.

    “The United States will make its major announcements later today, including the sanctions that we will be imposing in response to what Russia did yesterday,” Deputy National Security Adviser John Viner said during an interview during an appearance on MSNBC.

    He also gave further details about further sanctions announcements to be made later on Tuesday, indicating they could end sooner than the tough sanctions announced by the United States, pending “further action” from Russia. .

    “If Russia takes further action, we will have other important and serious consequences that we can impose through sanctions on Russia, as well as other elements of our response, including assistance in the security of the Ukrainians to help them defend themselves, and the strength of the situation. The troop movements that I saw were transferred. to the United States in the next few days,” he said, adding that the United States remains open to diplomacy. .

    Right now, we don’t expect a full set of sanctions against Russia because “if you want to be discouraged [Putin] To take advantage of Kiev and the country – which is always a serious opportunity – you have to threaten sanctions for this,” a senior administration official told CNN.

    However, the White House announced on Monday that the sanctions announced today must go beyond the limited package.

    A senior US official told CNN that the conservative nature of Monday’s plan was due in part to the need to consult with Europeans about their willingness to move forward and consider whether Monday’s Russian actions would lead to the full package of sanctions. Prepared in case of invasion.

    US and European officials have been arguing fiercely in the past few hours about how to move forward with more sanctions on Russia over orders to send troops in Ukraine, according to officials familiar with the matter.

    The European Commission has Also suggested penalties Tuesday to the member states of the European Union. The proposals would impose sanctions on 27 individuals and entities, including politicians, publicists, military personnel and financial entities deemed by the EU to be linked to “illegal activities” in the territories. Sanctions will also be imposed on the 351 Russian lawmakers who voted for recognition and the 11 who suggested it – and the installation of Russian troops.

    The commission focused in particular on the fact that it would reverse the sanctions that were adopted in Crimea after Moscow’s 2014 annexation.

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