UK restaurants and pubs lost £10,000 each before Christmas

    UK restaurants and pubs lost £10,000 each before Christmas

    In the UK, restaurants and bars reported losing £10,000 each in the week before Christmas in favor of the Omicron variant.

    Restaurants, bars and pubs in the United Kingdom They revealed He lost 10 thousand pounds every week before christmasConcerns about the Omicron variant and government instructions to work from home wrecked the vacation period for the second year in a row.

    The data was revealed by UKH Hospitality: Sales were down by up to 60% compared to the same period in 2019. Before the emergence of the Omicron variant, sales had returned to pre-pandemic levels, but they all collapsed as consumer confidence plunged to historic lows.

    Call to move forward in smart workIn fact, this means that city center club revenues are down £10,335 compared to 2019.


    Kate Nichols, chief executive of UKH Hospitality, stressed that the government must stop imposing new restrictions on this category: it should instead increase support for the sector.

    The fact is that before Christmas, Chancellor Rishi Snuak announced an aid package for the sector that also contains Grants of up to 6000 EGP. However, data from UKH Hospitality indicates that restaurants and bars lost much more than that in just one week.

    According to Nichols, restrictions must be reduced and lifted as soon as possible in order to help a sector that has already been hit hard. If this doesn’t happen, not many will survive, especially those who won’t be able to handle a comebackVAT at 20% in April.

    Companies in the sector, in fact, in vain ask the government to continue totemporary rate By at least 12.5% ​​until October (if emergency return is not one of 5%).

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