UK quarantine reduced, Hungary towards fourth dose

    UK quarantine reduced, Hungary towards fourth dose

    With the infection curve down for a few days, France reopened its doors to Britons to let in all vaccinated people even on non-essential travel provided they had tested negative in the past 24 hours. Thus, one of the many hurdles that EU countries have raised in relation to non-EU citizens and within the union itself is falling, leading the heads of EU institutions to raise their noses, and constantly demand close coordination. But if the new alternative appears to have loosened its hold on Great Britain in the Union, the state of emergency at Omicron is more important than ever. Since Friday, those vaccinated do not need an important reason to cross the English Channel and go to Great Britain. It is enough to take a negative test 24 hours in advance. However, those who are not vaccinated will need a good reason to move and will still have to self-quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in the Greater British Isles.

    Hungary takes fourth place

    In Hungary, the vaccination campaign continues while preparing for the fourth dose. It wouldn’t be mandatory but Omicron wave fear advised. Experts will evaluate the immunological results 4 to 5 months after the third dose to decide when to do the fourth treatment.

    Travel to Europe

    Traveling between the capitals of the ancient continent remains a mystery. According to the latest update provided by the European Union Commission – every measure must be notified to Palazzo Berlaymont – several countries have implemented additional restrictions on the green corridor to enter their territory.

    – Austria. Until January 31, only those who took the third dose of the vaccine can enter it without submitting a negative test. The unvaccinated and those untreated for Covid are being forced into quarantine, which is also necessary for anyone coming from the Netherlands or Denmark, which are areas with a very high level of infection.

    – Bulgaria. Anyone coming from the red areas (according to ECDC maps) in addition to the green corridor must submit a negative smear taken no later than the previous 72 hours. These measures are in effect since January 7 and can be extended on a weekly basis.

    – Denmark. Until January 17, everyone is required to have a PCR or antigen test before arriving in the northern European country.

    Finland. Unvaccinated people (if they have not recovered from Covid) are prohibited from entering. For immunization, the procedures in place until January 16 provide for a mandatory rapid test before arrival.

    – Greece. Until January 24, all visitors must submit a PCR or express test to be taken within 72 to 24 hours prior to arrival.

    – Italia. Anyone entering it, through January 31, must take a particle or rapid swab 48 or 24 hours before arrival. For the unvaccinated, a 5-day quarantine is mandatory.

    – Portugal. The green pass and pre-departure store are mandatory for everyone, at least until February 9th.

    – Sweden. Foreign residents, regardless of country of origin or vaccine course, must submit a negative Covid test on arrival. The measures – which the EU is communicating with Stockholm – do not have a deadline at the moment. It is not an EU country but Switzerland shares its information with Brussels, which requires everyone to have a molecular or rapid swab before entering the alpine country, and for those who do not have the vaccine, a second test is taken 4-7 days after their arrival. . Exceptions are expected for people who cross borders.

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