UK Prime Minister, Johnson Sunak – AGIMEG DUEL ON Eurobet

    UK Prime Minister, Johnson Sunak - AGIMEG DUEL ON Eurobet

    “I realize that, given the situation, I cannot complete my tenure.” These are the words of Liz Truss to announce her resignation as Prime Minister of Great Britain, becoming the person who held the position of Prime Minister.Less time in the country’s history.

    gears leaves a The country that looks like a complete mess With inflation already exceeding 10%, the publication contract Britain’s exit from the European Union Still unresolved and an endless list of strikes already announced in the next two months in the public sector. In addition, his resignation marked the end of the fourth Conservative government in just six years, numbers unprecedented on the British island, underlining the chaos involving UK politics.

    The Conservative Party, given the complex situation, wants to give the country new leadership as quickly as possible. It looks like a two-way battle has already taken place for prime minister: Boris Johnsonthe man succeeded by Liz Truss, and Rishi SunakJohnson’s former finance minister. Analyzers Europe They offer both for 2.00. The third inconvenience is instead Penny Mordaunt, Minister of Relations with the current Parliament, date at 13.00. A resounding return to 10 Downing Street On the other hand, Theresa May 101 times the share for Europe. AC/AGIMEG

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