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UK, no work permits for Premier League players

UK, no work permits for Premier League players

For foreign players and club managers Premier League Who will take part in any breakaway competitions – in the wake of the much-discussed European Premier League – work permits will be revoked based on the new rules of the Football Association.

It’s not just the penalties that have already taken place on the clubs. To reveal this more details times, who explained that the Home Office had agreed to a rule change by the FA in light of the attempt to form the Superlega in April, so that the organization could withdraw the necessary GBE approval for work permits.

This move fits with the plans of the top English expedition to prevent new tournaments of this kind in the future. Specifically, the decision is related to Work Permit It was revealed in a letter from the Premier League to the clubs.

«In addition, in light of the problems arising from the proposed European Premier League, the federation has revised some of the GBE criteria and the role of the FA in approving clubs as sponsors of foreign players applying for a visa to work for United.» says the letter.

«The FA discussed with the Home Office that it considered it appropriate to amend the existing GBE standards to make it clear that only players and/or staff who have obtained a GBE can participate in matches and competitions held under current football regulations, or with the approval of the Football Association.The message continues.

«The FA is therefore proposing to amend the GBE criteria for players and staff (non-players) to determine the category of matches they cover, and in the event that an individual participates in a match that does not fall within the specified categories, the question may be referred to the home office which may review the individual’s work permit, or the club’s status as a sponsorWe are still reading.

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«The association also intends to amend the clubs’ existing letters of approval to reflect this policy clarification and highlight that the association may choose to withdraw its approval of the club as sponsor in the event of an issue.The note concludes.

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