UK, Molotov cocktails against Dover immigration center. Media: “The man killed himself after that,” but the police did not confirm

     UK, Molotov cocktails against Dover immigration center.  Media:

    some munitions burner thrown on the buildings of a Center Services to emigrate The Home Office of Dover, one of the major coastal towns of the English Channel, in United kingdom. The fire caused injury. According to the police KentThe Molotov cocktails It was launched on the morning of October 30 by A Suspect that have already been “identified and located”. According to the photographer of ReutersInstead, the man is the same killing after the attack. But the police, through its spokesman, did not confirm the news. British law enforcement said only that “the investigation is still ongoing”. Meanwhile, the BBC It was announced that the fire caused by the Molotov cocktails was Turn off.

    Attack in the middle Western Frontier Force Jet foilused to examine questions asylum seekersoccurred the day after landing in Great Britain almost one thousand immigrants who crossed the canal on small boats. According to government data, the total number of people who have reached the UK coast this year has almost reached 40 thousand.

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