UK, inflation exceeds 5%: ‘The worst is yet to come’

    UK, inflation exceeds 5%: 'The worst is yet to come'

    The effects of inflation are also being felt in the UK, where the overall rate is 5.4%, the highest in the last 30 years.

    L ‘economic inflation It not only spreads in Italy, where food products are increasing in double numbers, but it also goes beyond the channel and reaches kingdom United: According to the forecasts of John Allan, CEO of supermarket chain Tesco, the rate could reach 5%, and “the worst is yet to come.”


    Strictly speaking, headline inflation in the UK is currently at 5.4% (the highest level in 30 years) and is expected to exceed 6% in the spring. What Alan is referring to is the food prices available in his supermarkets: “Although Tesco’s food inflation in the last quarter was only 1%, we are affected by higher energy prices, and our suppliers are affected by higher energy prices.” An increase of up to 5% appears, in short, inevitable, considering also a report by the British Retail Consortium that food inflation rose to 2.7% in January. John Allan concluded, “I think the combination of higher energy prices, the effect of higher National Insurance on people’s incomes, and, to a lesser extent, higher food prices, is going to put everyone in great difficulty.”

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