UK flu on alert, experts now fear up to 60,000 victims

    UK flu on alert, experts now fear up to 60,000 victims

    After Covid, the effects of the new flu are now feared in the UK

    After the coronavirus pandemic, the climate of alarm coming from the UK has once again renewed. This time the dreaded “popo” is associated with the return of the flu that made last year a “blank spectacle”. According to British epidemiologists, a new “version” of influenza can have particularly severe consequences for the most vulnerable. also to read A new vaccine for young people stopped in Denmark and Sweden: here are the reasons

    A new vaccination campaign is underway

    According to the first estimates made by experts (or it is assumed that), the new influenza can infect another 60 thousand. That is why it was decided to launch a new vaccination campaign, another, in order to anticipate and prevent influenza. British experts have launched a “real public health alert” to raise awareness of influenza vaccination.

    Fear of severe pressure on hospitals

    In the coming months, experts admitted, cases of coronavirus, influenza and other respiratory infections could grow exponentially with unimaginable consequences and of course the usual and frightening crowding in hospital wards and severe stress on national health systems. According to British Professor Jonathan Van Tam, Deputy Medical Director, the lack of influenza last year could have a significant impact this year. Read on…

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