UK, drones in the sky against theft and outlaw enduro riders

    UK, drones in the sky against theft and outlaw enduro riders

    British police have activated a county sky monitoring program to prevent vehicle theft and limit off-road activities for some motorcyclists in Nottinghamshire.

    While the Greater London Police had already started using drones a few months ago to monitor and punish most unwary motorists and motorcyclists, small flying devices have also become useful in other parts of the British island. Preventing theft And to control all motorcyclists who play sports Off-road is illegal In various provinces.

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    Between car theft and surveillance

    To report the news were MCN colleagues, who in recent days reported how to publish Essex Police It effectively avoided some crimes. In fact, police officers in the Eastern Province of England recently claimed to have noticed the appearance of drones during some thefts, with the simple purpose of monitoring police arrivals near where the crimes occurred. committed.

    Depending on the way the criminals themselves are doing, the customers wanted to copy drone technology to try to do so To prevent vehicle theft and carry out surveillance activities throughout the territory.

    Not just in Essex though. In fact, again according to the MCN, even in Nottinghamshire Drones have become useful to law enforcement Confronting illegal off-road activity. The flying unit has been deployed in the Wattnal area, a town a few kilometers from Nottingham, as well Part of a process Which led to the identification – complete with fines and car seizure – of some motorcyclists caught while struggling. Motorcycle tours aren’t really legitimate in the Watnal countryside.

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