UK Alert made a crime: up to two years in prison for street harassment

    UK Alert made a crime: up to two years in prison for street harassment

    House of Commons MPs have approved a bill to criminalize street harassment, with a penalty of up to two years in prison. the Cataling Unsolicited boos and praise Following someone down the street or stopping them from passing in England and Wales would be punished if the law, already backed by the Sunak government, gets final approval from the House of Lords as widely expected. in reconnaissance Conducted by YouGov last year for BBC It turns out that two-thirds of women, at least once, feel insecure or in danger walking alone on the street. I am very Women and girls under the age of 34 most susceptible to Street harassment, street harassment, and the least likely to be reported. Conservative MP Greg ClarkOne supporter of the plan called it “surprising” that it wasn’t actually a crime. “So we are going to fill in a loophole in the law, because it has never been a specific criminal offense to deliberately harass a woman or girl in public,” Clarke told the BBC. BBCSince it is not a specific crime, many women and girls think it is unreasonable to report it to the police.

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