Ubisoft and Sony developers criticize user experience, performance, and tasks – Nerd4.life

    Ubisoft and Sony developers criticize user experience, performance, and tasks - Nerd4.life

    Some Ubisoft and Sony developers They showed their strength criticism On elden ring, also attacks the game’s reviewers at the same time. The targets of their complaints are user experience and performance, especially on PC and task design.

    To open the boogie was the former UX Director of Ubisoft, Battlefield 2042, Ahmed Salama, who closed his Twitter profile. According to him, Elden Ring’s 97 Metacritic is proof that video game critics don’t careUser Experience. The first to answer was Rebecca Fernandez O’Shea of ​​Nixxes Software, Sony’s premiere party studio, who added that they were also not interested in “Computer graphics, stability and performanceNote that the Nixxes specializes specifically in PC ports. Joining the duo is Blake Rebouche, the chief mission designer at Horizon Forbidden West, who has been carrying the load since the 1990s, noting that he doesn’t even care about “.quest design“.

    Developers criticize Elden Ring
    Developers criticize Elden Ring

    In short, it seems that their deities are basically Reviewers’ criticism From the Elden Ring, but in fact they are also towards the game, which may be lacking in the indicated aspects.

    Salameh then added that the Elden Ring user experience was so indifferent that he imagined FromSoftware developers smoking in their offices and using CRT monitors.

    Honestly, seeing the developers criticize the game of the moment, even in a very pseudoscientific way, it sounds just as sad as something. Obviously, if a lot of people find Elden Ring exceptional, it’s because the work as a whole goes beyond individual elements, which can be remedied in one form or another. Every now and then someone should remember that we are talking about a medium that has its own aesthetic value, and not just a set of business tasks to check or not.

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