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Uber, Drivers as Employees: Ruling the UK

Uber, Drivers as Employees: Ruling the UK

For Supreme Court justices, the company decides the fares for the ride and maintains significant oversight on drivers that the professionals cannot handle.

The phone displays the Uber transportation app in London, England. (Photo by Leon Neal / Getty Images)

Uber Their drivers must look at United kingdom Come Employees, not independent: There it is decided London High Court In an appeal judgment of the last degree, at the end of a Five-year judicial process, Departed from the lawsuit filed by two drivers. The decision rejects the company’s appeal against a previous ruling, noting that Uber rates rides Ed Exercises great control over drivers Who use the app.

Now the ball is back on Labor court, Who will have to determine the amount of compensation owed to about twenty applicants, led by drivers Yassin Aslam and James Farrar, who first brought the case to the judges in 2016. At present, it is not clear what changes the company will have to adopt, but it may have to ensure additional benefits and protections for employees, such as, for example, Minimum wages and wages for waiting periods Between one race and another. A turning point can have an effect not only on Business model Local for the California company, which before the pandemic boasted a base of 3.5 million users in London alone, but is also affectingintera gig economy Britannica, That includes a total of 5.5 million people.

In the same issue Uber recently won (along with rival Lyft) battle “at home”: 58% of California residents voted to repeal a state law requiring hiring drivers. On that occasion, Uber and other giants like DoorDash and Instacart have spent more than $ 200 million on a communications campaign. CNN. A rule similar to British rule had already arrived in March in France, when Court of Cassation In the latter case, it granted an Uber driver the status of an employee and not an employer.

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In Italy A 2017 ruling ruled out Uber Pop (non-professional drivers), and only admitted Uber BlackPremium service only exists in Rome and Milan, with 1,000 drivers licensed by the NCC. The other company in the group, Uber eats, she was security Department In May 2020 the illegal recruitment hypothesis was formulated in an investigation that closed in October, which was to be exercised at the expense of riders tasked with delivering reserved meals via the app.
section Food delivery Trying to find an associative solution to order riders work. Recently Just all He took the lead in this direction, announcing the 1,000-employee plan in two months starting in March.

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