Home Tech Two members of the Xecuter video game team arrested

Two members of the Xecuter video game team arrested

Team Xecuter Arrested

The US Department of Justice has released the news of the arrest of two members of the Xecuter team. Team Xecuter is a notorious video game piracy group that has been around since 2001. More recently, the team has been selling physical hardware for Nintendo Switch consoles. Each person faces 11 criminal charges, including fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Although two main members of the Xecuter team Have been detainedIn total, three people have been charged. The three members are accused of leading a criminal enterprise that developed and sold physical modifications to hack consoles and play video games illegally. The report states that the massive demand for Team Xecuter products was for playing pirated video games.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian C. Rabbit of the Department of Justice Criminal Division spoke out critical of the group,[They] He has reaped illicit profits for years. ”US Attorney Brian Moran in Washington’s Western District explained,“ These defendants lined up their pockets by stealing and selling other video game developers ’businesses – even going so far as to get customers to pay a license fee to play the stolen games. “

According to the report, Team Xecuter has more than ten members spread around the world. The last time we heard about it Lawsuits in May 2020 In two American states: Ohio and Washington. The Xecuter team arrests so far relate to Washington state, so it will be interesting to see if anything comes from the other lawsuit.

The Xecuter team’s arrests are under investigation by the FBI and Homeland Security investigations.

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