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Twitter: The profile of the President of the United States reaches Biden without any followers

Twitter: The profile of the President of the United States reaches Biden without any followers

The social media network has decided to recount followers of the official profile of the US President, Potus, from scratch.

US President-elect Joe Biden. (Photo by Joe Riedel / Getty Images)

Twitter I have decided that since then January 20, when Joe Biden He’ll take the oath and become the new tenant of the White House, an expense President of the United StatesAnd Embed a TweetAnd He will lose all followers It was purchased in recent years by re-counting from scratch.

Contrary to what happened with the switching of accounts between Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Twitter will not transfer followers Won by the former president for the new team. To report the selection of the social network, Rob Flaherty, Biden’s director of digital communications, confirms by tweeting Twitter’s intent to remove Potus followers.

The presidential account is important at the moment 33.2 million followers And at the time of delivery it will be frozen and the name will be changed to Embed a TweetJust like it happened with Obama, whose presidential account can be traced under the name Embed a Tweet.

The transfer of accounts will also affect the personal files of the woman. Embed a Tweet, That vice president Vp And others related to employees like @White HouseAnd Embed a Tweet e @Closet. to me Wall Street JournalAll these accounts will be subject to the same treatment: Return followers. That means the number of users missing from accounts would be 26 million for WhiteHouse, 16 million for Flotus, 6 million for PressSec and just under 184K for C Cabinet.

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Social network His choice was not motivated To change the rules regarding transferring presidential accounts. The new boss’s employees don’t seem to like changing the rules because losing all those followers can translate into A big digital disadvantage on the social network.

On move day, account followers are affected You will receive a notification Which will inform them that the current account is being pursued in the process of archiving. This will allow users to press the button again follow on On the accounts of the new Biden administration.

With the delivery and the Biden department, Trump will lose all the privileges of the head of state On Twitter. Among these, he risks losing his verified account badge, banning and deleting his official profile due to the ongoing and persistent violations of the platform’s rules.

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