Twitter increases agile hours


    We only heard about Twitter recently because of the issue with not selling to Elon Musk. The social giant recently stood out for its work ethic: We’re moving toward closing more offices and keeping staff. How is this possible?


    Paying attention to the physical and mental health of employees and finding the right balance between private and work life is essential to any large company. The Twitter’s new hiring policyClosing several offices while maintaining the number of employees. How can this be done? basic, Smart increase in working hours.

    Flexible work has conquered the world: is it really the frontier of future work?

    Smart Action: The New Twitter Policy


    Twitter announced in a statement that it intends to Close many offices around the worldwithout the need to lay off employees. The new policy aims to Increase employee hours in smart work, especially in locations where the lease is about to expire. In detail, these are Seoul, Wellington, Osaka, Madrid, Hamburg and Utrecht.

    But not only that: Even in cities with many offices, the policy is to shut down some to leave more space for remote work. Twitter select it The new policy is not intended to reduce Twitter engagement in any of the countries involved.

    Smart Action: The New Politics as a Relaunch of Twitter

    clever, action

    It is no coincidence that the decision was made after the turbulent selling period and afterwards Not selling the majority of the company to Elon Musk. The company was in dire need of shock, as well as to divert attention from the events of the company.

    In addition to the important moral aspect of the story, it must be emphasized that with higher overhead costs, saving money by closing some offices is not a bad idea.

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