Twitter debacle, made a real mess: Now she’s looking for cover

    Twitter debacle, made a real mess: Now she’s looking for cover

    A real problem for Twitter, the social platform combined disaster. And now he’s trying to run for cover

    Twitter is an SMS-based social networkAnd Known as “tweets”. Users can create a free account and start tweeting, following other users and commenting on their tweets. Additionally, users can use hashtags to group their tweets into specific categories, making it easier to find topics of interest to them.

    Twitter combines disaster –

    One of the most important advantages of Twitter It is instant access. Since Tweets are limited to 280 characters, users can quickly share their opinions and thoughts in real time. This means that users can follow current events, chat with other users, and share news in real time.

    Twitter has it too wide range of features, Including the ability to create and follow user lists, private messages, create polls and share videos. In addition, Twitter offers an advertising platform for companies that want to promote their products or services.

    A serious problem for Twitter: what happened

    But recently, Twitter is back with a big problem: A data breach affecting the Circle service. This has led to Post messages that should have been kept private Within the circles of friends, causing concern and criticism from users.

    Twitter in trouble, first denies and then admits the problem –

    start, Twitter denied the errorbut after a few days he admitted his responsibility and I apologized to the affected users. However, there has been no shortage of criticism, especially directed at Elon Musk. Many have pointed fingers at Musk’s decision to drastically reduce Twitter’s staff, leaving the issue of security on the platform hanging in the balance.

    Elon Musk himself initially firmly stated that users should not even expect a full platform The repair work was not completed. It must be said that since the acquisition of the social platform by the founder of Tesla, it has encountered many problems and has caused discussions on issues beyond of features or updates.

    This data breach does nothing but confirm bad period Which witnesses one of the most loved and appreciated social networks globally. The fact that the bug was confirmed and then resolved is definitely a step forward, hoping that it will be possible to get there as soon as possible to the final square.

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