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    After the official rumors arrive. Twitter is currently launching its paid service Blue in Canada and Australia. There are three “premium” features: tweet undo, bookmark folders, and reader mode. Undo Tweet is the most awaited one, as it allows you to “pull” a Tweet before you post it. The user has a time window of up to 30 seconds to correct any typos or omissions. So it’s not an option to edit after posting, as is possible on Facebook.

    On the other hand, the second paid Bookmark Folders function serves users to better organize the stored tweets. Third, Reader Mode, makes it easy to read topics. The subscription also includes customization of icons and colors. The cost of the subscription, with the exchange of the two countries’ currencies, is about 2.80 euros. In the US, according to rumors, the cost of the subscription will be around $2.99 ​​per month.

    “We will continue to listen to user feedback to give subscribers more options, and we will keep you informed,” the company wrote, but did not reveal when Twitter Blue would be expanded to other countries.

    This is the first step in a series of paid projects from Twitter: it is also working on Super Follows, allowing users to get more paid content from certain profiles; And last month it introduced Tip Jar, a feature that allows users to send money to a select group of widely followed members on the platform.

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