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Twitch, New Official Category Hot Tub, Pools & Beaches: Free Outfits – Nerd4.life

Twitch, New Official Category Hot Tub, Pools & Beaches: Free Outfits - Nerd4.life

Twitch She decided to change her guidelines, and in a move that may seem joke but not, she instituted the new one Category Official Swimming pools, hot tubs and beaches Which will allow sign and sign organizers to broadcast quieter than bathtubs, swimming pools and beaches in swimwear.

It’s a somewhat unexpected solution to the controversial “Hot Tub” meta, which Twitch has been monitoring for some time in search of a mediation or potential purge of the phenomenon. It is clear that Flocking in a bathing suit It has become so common and widespread that it is virtually impossible to eradicate it completely.

Amouranth is practically a veteran of Twitch's streamed Hot Tub, and now she'll be able to find space in her own category.
Amouranth is practically a veteran of Twitch’s streamed Hot Tub, and now she’ll be able to find space in her own category.

So, the choice was simply to let go of the taboo and create a free zone within Twitch to unleash this kind of transmission using swimming pools, hot tubs and beaches. It is clear that this is not “everything is free” in the global sense: the Rules of nudity and sexually explicit content, Both are banned from the platform, but everything takes a more varied aspect, and a general review of the regulation in this sense is also awaited.

As reported by Twitch,Exciting By others, this is not against our rules and Twitch will not take any action against the women, or anyone on our service, solely because of their perceived attractiveness. “In fact, this is a continuation of the instructions already on the platform, contained in this in a way that makes more sense in some way.

Twitch is allowed to broadcast in a bathing suit if this garment is too Justified by context: This is the shuffle that led to the explosion of the hot tub phenomenon, where, ironically, the transition from the bathtub makes perfect sense, even if it is only implemented to justify the use of the outfit.

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The establishment of such a class shall constitute a limit to the propagation of the transmission from the pool or swimming pool within categoria generica “chat only”, Which turns out to be increasingly used but very unlimited. Hence, the solution is heading in the direction of a major solution diversification Possibilities for selection regarding broadcast topics and contexts, as well as announced changes to the rules for sexually explicit content which, however, will only be defined in the coming months.

Twitch has also apologized to some banners who have gone through with removing the Liquefaction Without warning, stating that this maneuver is required directly by those proposing ads on the platform but there was clearly some misunderstanding in communicating with the banners in question. Obviously, this also has to do with the Amouranth case, which has surfaced in recent days.

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