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Twitch for Hot Tub introduces a new category

Twitch for Hot Tub introduces a new category

There’s a lot of talk about “Hot Tub,” the streaming format on Twitch where creators chat in swimsuits and interact with viewers while they’re inside their bathtubs or swimming pools. After a long series of discussions about this, the Twitch team got started To analyze The question is to try to understand what to do and above all If this format conflicts with the rules for using the service.


Some news came very soon, now that it’s a Mail On the platform’s official blog: According to Twitch, in fact,Being sexy in the eyes of others does not go against the rules, And no measures will be taken against the woman, or anyone using the service, due to her perceived attractiveness. ‚ÄĚThis is what Twitch employees say, whose stance is going aggressively. Against any form of harassment towards the signs Regardless of their actions or intentions.

Wearing a swimsuit by the sea, in swimming pools, or in bathtubs is not strange behavior at all, in fact. Moreover, the platform already allows formats to be provided, for example body typing or body painting, always within instructions for using Twitch. To be more interesting is Insert a new categorySwimming pools, hot tubs and beaches As evidence of the desire to develop this type of broadcast also.


This is without a doubt a decision that the debate will continue, given that it has divided the opinions of all those who use Twitch in two, for content creation and use. Incidentally see that Many men decided to use this category to bring you fun formats And who wants to reduce the tension behind this whole thing. What do you think that? Do you think this choice was correct or do you think it could have been avoided to reach this conclusion?

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