Home entertainment Twenty seconds live on March 11th, Episode 1, Variety, Topics, Topics, Guests

Twenty seconds live on March 11th, Episode 1, Variety, Topics, Topics, Guests

Anni 20 diretta 11 marzo Rai 2

TonightAnd the March 11, 2021 at 9.20 pm, Rai Broadcast 3 The fourth and final episode of He is worse than me sit-show hosted by Giorgio Panarrello and Marco Giallini.

Over the course of three episodes Panariello and Giallini gave interviews, suggested musical performances and comedies Studio divided into two parts. On the one hand there Panariello and its traditional late-night studio. On the other hand, Giallini and his “home studio”, With a ensemble and some comfortable sofas And even a small kitchen.

The guests who were invited by the conductors to tell about themselves a He is worse than me They are friends and colleagues from the entertainment world. This evening, in particular, is the last Mara Vignere, Alessandra Amoroso, Emma, ​​Nick, Piero Bello, Eduardo Pinato. And again Dario Ballantini, Franco Di Mare, Enzo Micio. finally, Raul Cremona, Leonardo Fiacci, and Sigfredo Ranucci.

You can follow He is worse than me Also in the streaming on the free site Ray Play.

It's worse than me on March 11th

It’s Worse Than Me March 11th, Interview with Emma Maroni and Alessandra Amoroso

As usual, entrust the introduction For a fake introduction One of the main programs for Rai 3. In this case, it’s Night Line. For joke about the Sanremo 2021 festival, The conductors are initially replaced by two guests for the night: Nick instead of Panariello, H Piero Bello instead of Giallini. Immediately the role reversal completed Panariello and Giallini are brought to the studio as guests. In the imagination of the program, which soon turns into a bad dream for Giallini, The two sing a piece for Nick and Bello. They were wearing each other’s clothes.

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Then, two more guests enter the studio, one on each side of the studio: Emma Marron on Panariello, and Alessandra Amoruso on Giallini. As it actually happened with Vendetti and De Gregory In the second episode of He’s worse than me, and only asks Amoroso questions about Emma Marron, and vice versa.

“What haven’t you done that you want to do together?” Panariello asks A. Emma Marron. “While sleeping together, I used to play a lot of jokes on her. I’m the brat between the two.”. The same question is addressed to Loving, He receives the answer instead: Journey together, so forget it at your first gas pump.. “What did you never tell her?” The two singers were asked. “I have no secrets with Alessandra, we tell each other everything.” Says Loving. “Once upon a time I didn’t tell her how she was dressed.” Responds instead brouwn. After the interviews, They started a duet.

It’s worse than me on March 11th, Mara Feniere

After a short commercial break and a small sketch between Giallini and Panariello, he entered the studio as a guest of Giorgio Panariello Mara Veneer; “Aunt of Italian TV” Mosul also offers it.

“When someone in Rai no longer wanted me, because this had happened, Maria de Felipe offered me a role different from the one I used to be, in Tu si que vales. I had to stay only one year, then I stayed there for three” Tells Veneers. “I started out as an actress in busy movies, but I didn’t care about being an actress. All I did was by accident.” Let her continue.

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Pass through Giallini Studio with PanarielloVenier cooks scrambled eggs for both of us. “Auntie cooks something for you, and you are lost.” he claims. “Did you know that Arbore only eats expired foods? I’m not kidding“He concludes Veneer.

After the intervention of Feniere, and after I have eaten the eggs you cooked, we proceed to the second guest: Federico Zambaglioni, from the Terromancino family, Who performs with his song splatter. But they are entered by Panariello Leonardo Viachki H Dario Ballantini, Well-known imitators. The two offer some of their strengths, like the former prime minister Giuseppe ConteSir Antonio Conte, the coach Massimiliano Allegri. Or actors Rocco PapallioAnd the Nani MorettiAnd the Leonardo Beraccione H Roberto Benigni.

finally, Panariello tradition Renato Zero, While is there a thing Seal Mario GiordanoCorrespondent H. Ballantini tradition Gianni Morandi. Together they sing the song Evening hug.

Piero Bello interviewed Giallini

At Giallini’s studio, he came back afterward Piero Bello. Rock presents his book, Infinite Splits. “On the cover is a Volkswagen, the travel symbol of the 1970s. It was written during lockdown, and it was this truck that transported me across space and time, out of everything.” Tells Bellow. After the interview, Bello sang his song Giant, Till the end Sanremo Festival 2020.

Right after that, it was Panariello’s guest role Enzo MichioAnd the Who cares about Giallini’s look. “My grandmother would love you very much, but you are not right for the situation and there is nothing to save from your wardrobeUltimately, Miccio says, It is Gellini who influences Miku, and makes him dress like him.

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Also NickLike Pelù, he returned to the studio for a new intervention. Followed by Eduardo Pinato, Who sits in Giallini’s living room and plays guitar and harmonica. Pinato recounts his origins to Giallini, and he brings him to the studio Small bass drum he built himself To play it as a young man with guitar and caso.

Finally, back from Panarello, Raul Cremona In the studio this evening, March 11th, prof He is worse than me To teach a therapist Some fun magic tricks. instead of, Makes him wear a funny flippers hat, And block it with supports placed under the armpit and in his hand. Then it goes away, Just as a manager Rai 3 Franco Di Mare.

Finally, the last drawing is between Giallini and Panariello, Unlike the previous one, it no longer reads “Not understand“, Ma “I understand”. Siegfried Ranucci from Report The loop closes. We didn’t understand who was worse than who. The mystery continues. “ he claims.

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