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TV series and foreign languages

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In recent years TV series in particular have become an interactive tool for learning or improving foreign languages. Today we want to talk to you about I’m talking about you Online platform This hobby is an important ally in learning. The platform experts chose the best TV series for learning not only English but 7 different languages!

Moment series squid game It can be useful for learning a specific and difficult language: Korean. Many of my students often learned Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) on their own, even before participating in the first lesson. That’s why they understand its structure and how well it works, commented Karen, a Korean teacher on italki. Fellow Geo Echoes: In the wake of the success of the Squid Game, many people started producing themed promotions, spread across all social networks. The popularity of Korean culture has definitely increased thanks to this series.

If you are fascinated by Scandinavian languages, try Finnish border town. Three seasons to start learning about Finnish, with a story that will help keep you on screen, assures Juhu, a Finnish teacher on italki. For lovers of European languages ​​there is also German dark. Why do you watch it in German? Italki teachers report that it features the perfect daily conversations for learning basic vocabulary. Moreover, the interweaving of the plot always ensures the right level of attention.

Spanish, French and Russian too

We are among those who looked instead paper house in Spanish. It is an excellent opportunity to learn Spanish common among young people and enrich the vocabulary of widely used expressions”, explains Paola, Spanish teacher. Emily in Paris Alternatively, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the French language learned at school. The protagonist adapts to the challenges of life in a foreign city and in a language you do not know at all. It is the perfect example that shows us how important it is to study other languages ​​to continue our professional training.

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For English purists, The Crown is a must and ideal for immersion in a “very British” atmosphere. I think The Crown is a great test of English language. It does not reflect the way most people in the UK speak. However, the dialect used is so strong that it can be a slight challenge, as English teacher Laura explains at italki. Finally, for those who feel interested or close to the eastern part of Europe, we mention the Russian better than ours.

Numerous studies have shown that learning any discipline improves with passion. That is why having friends, relatives or foreign friends always helps to improve the language. However, for those who want to learn comfortably from the couch or cannot afford expensive stays abroad, serials in foreign languages ​​are an excellent and viable alternative.

And you, what do you think of the link between TV series and the improvement of foreign languages?

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