Turn-based combat to appeal to younger audiences – Multiplayer.it

    Turn-based combat to appeal to younger audiences – Multiplayer.it

    Square Enix producer Naoki Yoshida clearly stated in an interview with Game Informer that the combat system to Final Fantasy 16 It’s work e Not alternately Because it is needed Aimed at a younger audienceaway from the old turn-based system and closer to fast-paced action instead.

    “Creating a Final Fantasy game, an entry in the main series, has become such a commitment that costs could easily exceed $100 million,” he explained with great candor. Naoki YoshidaGame producer in interview. “To recoup these development costs, there is a need to get as many people into the game as possible, and while there are already many fans who have grown accustomed to the Final Fantasy style in the past, many young people have not previously played the chapter.”

    “They grew up playing first-person shooters or games like GTA, where you practically press a button and something happens instantly,” Yoshida explained, highlighting the alleged gap that would separate the classic style of turn-based combat from people’s tastes and habits. young audience.

    “It’s not a combo command system. When you hit the square, the hero fires. Why do you have to wait until you see the shot? I have to press and see the immediate effect. We have it all generation of players who grew up with that in mind and needed to play Final Fantasy 16 as well, with the series having a different take so far on this type of game,” Yoshida explained.

    “So it’s imperative that we make it attractive to that group of people as well, and to be able to Attract these players And introducing them to the series, we decided to go down this path. And for the rest, a lot of information has come out recently about the new chapter thanks to tests done by the press and you can find it summed up in Everything we know about Final Fantasy 16, as well as the new pinned chapter of the Square series. Enix.

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