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Tunisia: Happy to the American delegation, no coup – the last hour

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(ANSA) – Tunis, September 5 – Tunisian President Kais Saied, in receiving a delegation from the US Congress in Tunis, affirmed that the exceptional decisions issued last July 25 to dismiss the Prime Minister and suspend the work of the House of Representatives. 30 days, after which it was renewed “until further notice” and adopted “in strict accordance with the constitution, in contrast to the baseless accusations of a coup, and reflecting the will of the people but aimed at protecting the state.” This was followed by a statement issued by the Tunisian presidency.

The memo underscores how the meeting, which took place in the Carthage Palace, with a delegation headed by Senators Chris Murphy and John Ossoff, was above all an opportunity to deny some inaccuracies and false news: “They speak of a coup, only that they do not understand and distort the law,” Said Said. A coup is taking place outside the constitutional framework and I applied a provision of the constitution to save Tunisia from imminent danger,” referring to the health crisis and the political class. Which “starved the Tunisian people.” The Tunisian president stressed that “I had to abide by the constitution that allows me to take exceptional measures in line with with the text and its rulings but also with morals.” (Deals).

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